WATCH: Woke liberal in drive-through ‘warns’ restaurant staff about Trump supporter customer

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A Trump supporter pulled up to a Dunkin Donuts drive-through window Thursday morning, and was notified by an employee of the restaurant that another driver had “warned” them about the Trump2024 sticker on his car.

Adam Francisco, who describes himself on Twitter as “Ex-Democrat, now ULTRA MAGA,” shared a video on social media as he was at the pick-up window at a Dunkin’ restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

“The car behind me in the @Dunkin’ drivethru saw the Trump2024 sticker on my back window and “warned” the team at Dunkin that I am a Trump supporter. He then called me xenophobic and told me I’ll be deported. Why are democrats so openly hateful and racist?” Francisco wrote.

In the video, the Dunkin employee explains to Francisco that when the man in the car behind him placed his order, he had alerted them that the car in front of him was a Trump supporter, “just to let us know.”

“What did they think you were supposed to do with that information?” Francisco asked.

“I don’t know… treat you differently? But that’s crazy,” she said, adding, “That’s how society is now.”

“You see how Democrats and liberals are? They’re so mean. They’re trying to get me bad service because of my political beliefs,” Francisco told her, as she nodded in agreement.

As the man in the car then pulled up behind him, Francisco yelled out the window, “God bless Trump!”

Francisco explained that he is a legal Mexican immigrant, and said the other man yelled at him, “Wait until your family gets deported!”

Laughing as he drove away, Francisco said, “He assumes that my family is illegal, and that I’m not a citizen.”


In a later Twitter post Thursday evening, Francisco explained, “For those of you who don’t know me and followed me from the last video, I want to confirm that I am a LEGAL immigrant. I was adopted at birth from Mexico and came to NYC when I was 6 weeks old. I became a naturalized citizen sometime around 1985. Immigrants and brown people come in all shapes sizes and beliefs which we apparently need to remind the left of. We are not a monolith and many of us stand against ILLEGAL immigration.”

The same day, another driver also noticed Francisco’s bumper sticker.  A woman in the car beside him yelled through the window, “I love that man!” and pointed to his car.

“Who’s that man?” he asked.

“Trump!” she responded.


Francisco’s video of the incident at Dunkin’ Donuts is going viral and gaining him many new followers.

Late Thursday night he tweeted, “Good night to all my new followers. My account grew by 6x tonight. May you all have a MAGA peaceful sleep 😴 🇺🇸.”

Late Thursday night, Francisco addressed the latest news that former President Donald Trump was indicted.


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