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The Republican candidate in Wyoming aiming to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney gave one of the most powerful speeches ever heard at a Trump rally on Saturday, and received applause from the thousands of attendees that nearly “raised the roof” of the building.

Trump held the rally in Casper, Wyoming on Saturday in support of Hageman, who he has endorsed.

Hageman, an attorney, spoke on stage just prior to Trump’s entrance, and began by reminding everyone of her Wyoming roots.

“I went to college right here in Casper,” she said. “My great-grandfather came to Wyoming in 1878, and my extended family is now raising our 6th generation in this state.”

“I know Wyoming, I love Wyoming, I AM Wyoming,” she said.  “I know what it means to ride for the brand… I have fought for Wyoming, and I will fight for you in Washington, DC, and I will be taking that fight to DC just as soon as I defeat Liz Cheney.”

The crowd ROARED… but Hageman was just getting started.  She said in driving around the state during her campaign, she has heard one overriding theme: We are fed up.  Hageman then listed off a number of hot-button issues:

  • We’re fed up with the federal government that doesn’t work for us anymore
  • We’re fed up with out-of-control with spending
  • We’re fed up with the Biden agenda
  • We’re fed up with $6 gasoline
  • We’re fed up with the shortage of the fertilizer and the broken supply chain
  • We’re fed up with inflation
  • We’re fed up the green new deal and the socialists who created it
  • We’re fed up with the attacks on our fossil fuel and energy industries
  • We’re fed up with the open border, human trafficking, fentanyl flooding our country and illegal immigration
  • We’re fed up with people, countries and organizations that believe we’re responsible for protecting every border on earth but not our own
  • We’re fed up critical race theory
  • We’re fed up with boys competing in girls’ sports
  • We’re fed up with the radical abortion industry and those who want to destroy the Supreme Court
  • We’re fed up with the liberal media, Facebook and Twitter for blocking conservative speech
  • We are fed up with people who refuse to recognize that socialism where ever practiced has resulted in the death of millions of people and the destruction of everything good
  • We’re fed up with the government and universities censoring conservative thought, cancelling debate and re-writing history
  • We’re fed up with corruption in the FBI, the Homeland Security, the CIA and the NSA and the FISA court. (That’s when the roof completely blew off the building!)
  • We’re fed up with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO and the misinformation campaign surrounding Covid-19
  • And we’re fed up with Anthony Fauci!
  • We’re fed up with the politicians and elitists in DC who are getting rich while the middle class falls further behind every year
  • We’re fed up with Joe Biden, with Nancy Pelosi.  (Joe’s Gotta Go, Joe’s Gotta Go!, the crowd chanted wildly)
  • We’re fed up with the Democrats who want to destroy our country and want to take away our God-given rights
  • We’re fed up with the January 6 Committee
  • We’re fed up with those types of Republicans who work harder to deflect attention from the failures of the current administration than the work to protect us from it
  • And we’re fed up with Liz Cheney

WATCH the entire video below, then post your feedback in the comments section below.

The Wyoming GOP primary will be held on August 16, and according to the polls, Hageman is 30 points ahead of Cheney in the race. Politico reported on Friday:

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is down 30 points in a new survey of her August primary conducted by the Club for Growth, which is opposing the embattled incumbent.

The poll, which provides perhaps the starkest illustration yet of the political peril Cheney faces this year, shows Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman garnering 56 percent of the vote to Cheney’s 26 percent in the GOP primary. A third Republican got 12 percent support, and just 6 percent are undecided.

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  1. It’s so refreshing to hear a TRUE AMERICAN standing up for our Country. Harriet sounds more like Presidential material rather than Congressional material. After she destroys Cheney, Trump should choose her as his VP running mate in 2024!

  2. This woman is a powerhouse. POW POW!!! Give it to them Harriet.

    Liz Cheney is willing to give up her career for her hatred of Trump. What a dumbass. She will be shunned from Wyoming in 2024. They will send her packing along with her father.

  3. Wow, great speech! So powerful, hope she defeat Liz Cheney the Rino. Agree with everything she said is the sentiment of every one who love our country!🤗🇺🇸❤️

  4. I see a major trade up coming in Wyoming. People like Jim Jordan can use the backup. Liz, you are a sad excuse for a Congressional Representative and an even worse excuse for decent human being.

  5. I am literally in tears listening to this woman. She is amazing and I would vote for her if I lived in Wyoming. I hope Wyoming will get rid of Liz Cheney.

  6. Awesome! Praying for her finalized success in Wyoming.
    Praying God sends a Patriot or few of equal measure for us here in Washington State.
    California…Colorado, Oregon…
    I hope enough people are sick and tired of the desecration of once great states as well and understand
    Woke doesn’t bring progress but filth corruption and destruction.

  7. I believe She spoke for a lot of us in various States. Sad thing is these Liberal Cities control a lot of the voting in several States! What’s to be done about these Liberal Cities? These people don’t care one bit about the crime in their City, about the Corruption in their City, or anything else! It’s just about the Democrat Agenda that they have been Brainwashed with!

  8. What a bravura performance! Smart, savvy, no-nonsense, and clear as a ship’s bell, she covered the map of all that needs afixin’ in the nation, with the one exception of ending grooming of school-age kids into depraved transgenderism. If Harriet succeeds in ousting Liz Cheney and then standing strong in Congress, she should be on Trump’s short list for running mate in 2024! Go Harriet, go!

  9. She summed up how most of us in Nebraska feel. I listen to her speech almost everyday. Problem is our elections are rigged in Nebraska and our Secretary of State refuses to address. I am hopeful Wyoming is not rigged. I guess we will know August 17 if Wyoming is rigged because the constituents in Wyoming are obviously behind Harriet!


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