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Yahoo is rejecting a digital ad from Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon for touting the widely-used anti-Biden expression.

Lamon, a businessman and Army veteran running in the GOP primary in Arizona, released a new ad themed around “Let’s go Brandon,” the viral euphemism for “F— Joe Biden” that stemmed from a 2021 exchange between an NBC Sports reporter and NASCAR driver Brandon Brown as the journalist alleged to viewers the chants being heard bashing the president were actually cheers for the racing star.

The article goes on to state the following:

“If you are pissed off at the direction of our country, let’s go,” Lamon says in the ad shared by the campaign Monday. “If you’re ready to secure the border and stop the invasion, let’s go. You want to keep corrupt politicians from rigging elections, let’s go.”

Lamon ends the campaign ad with the “Let’s go, Brandon” slogan.

But when he submitted the ad to Yahoo, it was rejected. The company said, “We would not be able to approve this ad due to the use of ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ which would be considered overly inflammatory and offensive. If that is excluded we would be able to approve it.”

WATCH the ad below:

In a video on Twitter, Lamon announced, “RIDICULOUS: Yahoo is refusing to run my Let’s Go Brandon ad on their platforms due to content that is considered “inflammatory” or “offensive.” Once again, the Big Tech Oligarchs are interfering in elections and censoring conservatives. Time to end this madness. #LetsGoBrandon.”

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  1. I’m this one and only case I agree with them
    Let’s go Brandon is infantile And sounds like a wussie
    Let’s go America
    Or Let’s go John Wick (this one says volumes )

  2. He should not end the commercial with “Let’s go, Brandon.” That is too inflammatory and offensive to some. He should end it instead with “F*ck Joe Biden” — something all Americans can support..


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