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Young Americans who said they enjoy cookouts and watching fireworks with friends and family on the Fourth of July nevertheless pledged not to celebrate Independence Day “out of respect to indigenous people groups,” in a video released by Campus Reform.

“I don’t like the rah-rah, and the flags, and the patriotism, and the independence part, but I do enjoy the fact that there are fireworks,” one person told Campus Reform’s Emily Fowler.

The article goes on to state the following:

Fowler went to the National Mall to conduct a social experiment to test if anyone would pledge not to celebrate the Fourth of July when pressed on respecting “indigenous people.”

Fowler asked, “Independence Day kind of celebrates our country’s founding, right? And when America was founded, unfortunately, a lot of indigenous people groups were thrown out of their homes. Do you think it’s respectful to celebrate Fourth of July in light of that?”

One person replied, “I actually don’t.”

Fowler also asked students if they were willing to sign a pledge to not celebrate the Fourth out of respect to indigenous people groups.

“I would be willing to sign that, yes,” one person said.


Campus Reform also shared a flashback video from last year, in which students repeatedly said they were not proud to be American, but struggled to name a better country than the US.

Another video from the organization features students who believe the American flag symbolizes oppression.


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  1. When you’re gaslighted and brainwashed into submission that this country is awful, sexually exploited to the point you don’t know what gender you are, what do you expect from the youth.

    • I agree although they probably will be barbecuing and celebrating under another guise or causing trouble at our events!

  2. I have indigenous linage. That constitution covers us all. They have no idea. The ignorance is on a level I have never seen before…so scary!

  3. These snowflake idiots have no idea how hard generations before them fought and sacrificed to fight slavery, anti semitiism, communism, nazis and imperialism! I’m embarrassed and ashamed for them! They. Are me sick!🤮

    God bless America and Happy birthday to the greatest country in the world! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  4. I get it….
    Uneducated young Americans and illegals have no knowledge of what it took to make America free or what it takes to protect America. Today kids think and believe that money grows on trees. They have been brain washed and uneducated

  5. They are ungrateful, uneducated, inexperienced little twits, parroting the drivel from socialist-driven media.

    They clearly did not have the civics classes that used to be taught.

    I think it’d be great to ship the lot of them to Venezuela or china or cuba for an entire semester and let them truly experience what life is like in those socialist, dictator ruled countries. And no SOS calls to their parents, etc. Yes, a truly responsible (ie – conservative) mentor or two would accompany them.

    Now, that would be an education they’d remember all of their lives – and they’d be grateful to return to the United States, with all of her freedoms.

  6. When we had a draft and most young men were conscripted everyone had a heightened appreciation for our country.Serving overseas made you aware of how great our country is.Time to give these snowflakes a lesson and no deferments

  7. Another reason why they won’t join any militaries. Pentagon do have recruits crisis. Pentagon need to teach American youth about our country and respect our flag . Pentagon is the problem.

  8. Well Emily should go live on foreign soil. Somebody paid the price for her to be so vocal. She should be drafted & have to Serve to appreciate Old Glory! Go visit Tunnel to Towers brave men, women & children airhead. Stop he a self centered spoiled young adult. Start being appreciative for the Sacrifice served for you!!!!!

  9. When I talk to lefties they always refer to European countries such as The Netherlands or Denmark as their Utopias. My far, far, left communist cousin idolizes Cuba. It is freedom of their speech I suppose. But it does scare me about the future of this nation.

  10. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! Every single one should have their names posted so that employers that have work on holidays can bring these people in to work July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Good Friday, and any other holiday we celebrate in America. They obviously hate America so they don’t deserve having holidays we celebrate as a day off. Good place to start teaching them about REALITY. Something they obviously don’t comprehend.

  11. Well if this represents the majority of young adults no wonder America is headed to hell on a banana peel. A few have some sensible answers 2 out of all of them. I’m so glad I didn’t push my grandson into going to these liberal colleges. As for you who are ashamed of being American why don’t you all move to one of the countries you can’t name & give up your citizenship. If all you liberal A$$ hats would move to another country America would be great again. I will certainly celebrate July 4th while you idiots can stay home. Oh if you do go somewhere enjoy the high gas prices biden gave you, the higher prices of food, dip shi**

  12. Put the little punks on a plane and drop them off in North Korea. Disgusting little pathetic anti American disrespectful punks. The disrespect towards families that have lost loved ones or those who have been severely injured is disgusting. Your pathetic parents are no better, they raised these little a**holes


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