WATCH: YouTube Punishes Creator For Making Video Compilation Of Media Commentary About The Unvaccinated

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YouTube allegedly punished a creator after he made a compilation of media commentary about the unvaccinated.

Matt Orfalea posted a near-12-minute long video that showed several talking heads and officials saying that “nobody is safe” until everyone is vaccinated.

“No one is safe until we’re all safe,” dozens of individuals said before Orfalea cut in showing that 99.5% of people will survive COVID-19. The video then showed Bill Gates saying the entire population needed to be vaccinated while also highlighting that vaccines could be rapidly created given how fast the COVID-19 vaccine was produced.

Media personalities and politicians are heard saying in the video montage that the unvaccinated were the “problem” and that it is important to “condemn them, shame them, blame them.”

Below is the video, along with a screenshot of a message from YouTube, which announces, “After manually reviewing your video, we’ve confirmed that it isn’t suitable for all advertisers. As a result, it will continue to run limited or no ads. Your video remains playable and is still eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Premium.”

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  1. Why are the vaccinated so afraid of the truth?! You got scammed. You got injected with something that was not fully tested life altering side effects, out of fear, propagated by MSM and our government. Don’t blame the unvaccinated! Learn to think for yourself. Shame on YouTube. But it’s a left controlled company what would anyone expect?!

  2. The sheep were leading the blind when it came to the jab. Sometimes you just have to be smarter then when Simon Says. Simon being the so called Government

  3. Ya? well who are all dropping dead like flies everyday or get cancer or cancer comes out of remission or other diseases, life long injuries, strokes, blood clots, and who still got COVID? -the vaccinated!! That’s who! The liberals are the hateful divisive people! They just show their hate and stupidity

  4. Youtube is a joke. Tight regime. Play by our rules or we’ll be sure to send you to the gallows. Freedom of speech is dead. Face it.

  5. Our son kept bugging us to get vaccinated. He was fully vaccinated and guess what .. yup he got it! He had to drive himself to the ER because his wife was pregnant. He spent several hours at the hospital and was sick for three weeks! We’re in our 70s .. I guess we have good immune systems and, of course, took DMLCBD religiously.


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