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Former President Donald Trump discussed loyalty and reiterated claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him Wednesday while speaking to My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Lindell compared the events and what he called “corruption” of the election to the philosophical thought experiment of a tree falling in the forest and no one being there to hear it.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The media tells us there is no forest,” the creator of My Pillow said. “We were all living in this Twilight Zone … but then you had all the betrayals and attacks on you that escalated to a whole other level.”

Lindell asked Trump how he found the “emotional strength” to handle the election and the events that followed. The former president responded by insisting that it comes down to one concept, loyalty.

“I’ve had some disloyal people, and we always go through life,” Trump replied. “But, I’ve also [had] tremendous people. In the White House, we had some tremendous successes.”

Trump also slammed the Republicans for not standing behind him, including Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

“I got him elected. If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t be governor, right, of Georgia. He wouldn’t even be close. He would have lost. He wouldn’t have won the primary to start off with, and he wouldn’t have run the race against Stacey Abrams,” Trump explained. “So he was a tremendous disappointment, and all we wanted was voter integrity.”


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  1. I saw this podcast with President Trump. I find it amazing that one man could put up with ALL the crap he endured since 2015..
    Yes, I know the election was stolen, but why does it take close to 5 years to finally find out that all those bastards were out to destroy him.

  2. Hell is waiting for a LOT of people with regards to the treatment of President Trump and the lies that have been propagated. He is human and imperfect like the rest of us but I genuinely believe that he had our country’s best interest in mind. Everyone remember, we are not voting for a new best friend at election time. We are voting for who best can run our country.


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