(Commenting on)  WELL, WELL: NY Times’ editorial board writes what many were saying all along about COVID closures



  1. To late now to admit it. Blindly follow faucheeeeee& the liberals and not listen to drs who tried telling you. Disinformation at its finest. Still shutting voices down.

  2. Like the American people didn’t tell you this all along while parents asked you to return our children to an education. While the filthy DOE teacher unions fought it . They along with the O’biden administration, and the fake news are wasteful pieces of crap.

  3. As a 40+ years educator, I said all along thhat the real science said that Covid would have and have a negligible effect on kids and that schools should never be closed. It is going to take at least 5 years to get back to where we were.

  4. Home school or preferred a Christian non woke school and get your kids out of these propaganda woke perverted public systems that are beyond corrupt.

  5. Once parents figured out that Covid wasn’t as bad as the flue, it was time to put them back in the classroom. We will soon find out that covid was a biological weapon used on the world to gain more control of the populus by the elite. Call me a conspiracy theorist that’s ok, I’m fresh out of conspiracies because they all came true.

  6. Every person responsible for the closing of schools, should be arrested along with Fauci and those who implemented the COVID pandemic !!! And, charged with Treason and sentenced to serve life sentences in GITMO !


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