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Written by DML
I have eaten more food in the past 48 hours than I have for the past 60-days, and so now I am chilling on the sofa with the family wondering how I will lose the weight gained.  Aside from eating like crazy people, our conversations have been great these past few days.  We’ve been talking about past Christmas events, and what our future will look like when our kids get married and have children of their own.   It’s been a great Christmas break so far, and I am really lucky to be surrounded by my loved ones.

Each year we do a Secret Santa. This year Mary drew my name.  This will sound spoiled on my part, but I told Mary she sort of stiffed me.

For my birthday this past August, Mary bought me a FITBIT watch. But I asked her to return it because I will never wear it.  Reason being is I had been thinking about getting an Apple watch because I need to check my emails and text messages. So, Mary returned the FITBIT but never replaced it with the Apple.  In the end, I got nothing for my 50th birthday, which I was totally fine with.

Thus, my Secret Santa present from Mary was my Apple watch, 5 months belated. I was thrilled with the gift, and I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful wife. But I am razzing her tonight in saying she got me nothing for Christmas.

Denny, my oldest son, bought me a book called BORDER. It is 700 pages thick, and I think it will take me ten years to read.  With my schedule being what it is, it may take twenty years. But again, I am very lucky to have such a lovely gift.

Ashley, Ryan and Kelly pitched in together to give me a bunch of small gifts as a group. First, was a DOG DAD coffee mug. Second, they got me a great big blanket for watching TV late at night with Mary.  And they too got me a book: ‘GRIT & GRACE’ by Tim McGraw. It’s a great book about losing weight and being healthy at 50. I will need to make time to read the book. They also bought me a pair of glasses to help with the reading.

It was a wonderful Christmas with wonderful gifts, but my favorite part of Christmas Day was just being together without any schedule that forced us to rush here or there.

After opening gifts this morning, Mary made a great big pancake breakfast. Then we sat around the fire all day.  Finally, at 5pm we got up off the sofas and went ice skating.

This evening we had left overs from last night.  Plus, I made steaks and fried potatoes.  But now we are just sitting around on the sofas again discussing old times and sitting in front of the fire.  Christmas music is playing in the background and it’s a great night at my friend’s place in Vermont.

My family and I wish you a Merry Christmas, and we thank you for your support.  Photos below.  In order: Me, the tree; Denny reading his phone; Mary chilling out; Ryan, Kelly and Ashley on sofa; dogs jump up on sofa.

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