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Written by DML
The Wine & Talk is a weekly podcast including my wife Mary and me.  For one hour each week we dump the politics and just talk about what else is happening in the US, and in our own home.

The podcast lasts for an hour most Saturday nights.  It is light and fun.  If you are a subscriber (Basic and Premium) then you have access to this program.  We posted our most recent episode last night.  You can find it on

The DML REPORT is also a podcast, it too runs once per week on Sunday. It is designed to make you the smartest person in the room.  I do the DML REPORT podcasts in batches.  A new batch is ready.  The DML REPORT Season II launches today, and a new episode will air each Sunday for the next 16 weeks.  If you are a subscriber you have access to the DML REPORT.  However, once our new website design launches later this month, it is available to only Premium members.

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