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After being shutdown by YouTube without any warning, the DML video account has been unaccessible to our viewers, and to myself for nearly two-months.   That came to an end today.

Video sharing giant YouTube changed direction Wednesday by sending me a notification via email stating that after further review, they determined my account was not in violation of the Terms of Service.

The message they had been displaying on our YouTube page was that the DML account was terminated due to “severe violations” of their Terms of Service.  Without quoting the notice verbatim, the message gave the impression that we had spammed, published scams, and or pushed dishonest content (fake news).

Knowing the accusation was complete nonsense, and confident I did nothing wrong, I stood ready to defend my name at all costs.  DML News has never spammed, scammed or issued fake news.  Thus, I contacted a lawyer who specializes in business law.

The lawyer was rather certain that we had a strong case against YouTube for defamation, among other things.   He wrote YouTube a letter, and I followed up by sending a series of professionally written emails to the company highlighting the CLEAR mistakes they had made, and how the claims being made by YouTube were unfairly damaging my brand and causing losses.

Never did we threaten YouTube in our correspondence.  Although both sides knew litigation was an option, I continuously expressed my desire to grow with them versus fight against the company in court.  That said, I made it crystal clear that we were willing to see things through if necessary.

DML News bears my name, and that means something to me.  As we told YouTube, we have worked really hard over the years to earn an enviable reputation.  In today’s day and age, it isn’t easy to compete against the other news outlets that can and will print or publish nonsense and get away with it because they have huge ad budgets or bigger audiences.   Either way, we keep our heads on straight and will do so for as long as I am CEO.  We do not publish hate, fake news or propaganda that intentionally hurts a party, person or organization.  Thankfully, YouTube came to realize this and did the right thing.

We will be using the service again in the coming days, and hope this is the last time this sort of thing happens.

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