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In the months to come, I will be announcing a new app that offers many things including ad-free news, ad-free reports, ad-free films, ad-free videos, ad-free podcasts, and amazing specials on various products that go beyond the scope of the “DML” brand. The app is being developed as I write this, and is expected to launch in April.  I am keeping the name of the app a secret for now, and unlike the DML NEWS APP and TeamDML the new app will not include my name.  However, among its offerings, the new app will offer the news feed you receive today on the DML NEWS APP but without the ads.   If you are interested, be sure to enter your email address in the NEWSLETTER field above.

I began designing this new app after Google decided to remove all the Google Ads from my app. Google did this to me because someone over at Google Ads didn’t like the DML Podcast in which I interviewed a well-respected doctor who expressed his feeling about the CDC and their horrible response to Covid, and the uselessness of masks, and the dangers of the vaccine.   They also removed the video version of the podcast from YouTube.

Google Ads offered us a chance to appeal their decision on November 22, 2021.  We made the appeal on December 1.  To this day, we have not received a response from Google Ads.  We no longer earn money with them, and I have had to replace the ads with much lower paying ads from a small vendor.  My take: Google can stick their ads up their ass.


In addition to Google demonitizing me, Facebook has limited my reach and threatened a number of times over the past 12-months to remove “DML” from their platform.  In each case, they have pointed to posts that they claim offers “misinformation.”  Each of the posts have been proven to be true, and we offered Facebook proof, but Facebook doesn’t seem to give a damn.

Meanwhile, over at Twitter, my account continues to lose followers by the thousands each month and my tweets are barely seen by anyone.  I have used Twitter to rip into liberal lawmakers and news outlets, and I have been flagged for doing such things.  But seeing that none of my tweets go against the community standards they can’t kick me off.  So it appears I am being ghosted.  This means Twitter makes my tweets barely visible.  For example, look below.  The screenshot is a response I made to a vax tweet posted by the governor of NY.  Despite having tens of thousands of followers, my post was liked by only 4 people.  How does that happen?  I don’t know, but it happens every day.

In my opinion, the ads you see on every news website, including ours and other places like Fox News, Brietbart, etc, are a complete nuisance.  And the MAJORITY of ads on the internet are controlled by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook).   Moreover, these entities control what it is you see and do not see.  It’s a total scam.  They push ads on you all day, but they won’t give you the feeds and posts you’ve asked to see.

As a way to fight back, my new app is designed to eliminate the need for these outlets as a news source.  And it also helps destroy the way in which they earn money from conservatives and consumers like you.  Therefore, if you are a DML NEWS APP user please keep your alerts on so that you can be notified of when the new app is launching.  If you do not use the DML NEWS APP but stand interested in the new app described above, please submit your email address above to receive our newsletter.  We do not share, rent, or sell your email to third parties.

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  1. DML is always ahead of the game by working hard for his followers and family…thank you Dennis for all you and your staff do to keep us informed and ‘smart’! You’re the only news source I trust to give us what we’re denied in the MSM…the truth. In all my years, I would have never thought America would be under such an attack on our freedoms. The direction you’re going sounds like a great plan…I’m all in!
    #RemoveBluein’22. #MoveAheadwithRed

  2. The old misinformation angle. Yet they allow all those miracle bs ads that promote and promise zilch. Those info adds that no one can comment on because the ads support the propaganda machines bottom line. Good luck will follow wherever you go.

  3. Looking forward to the new app. It’s a shame you have to use google to download it. As someone said above you’re basically the only news source I trust. I deleted my twatter account once they censored The President. Rarely on FB. Hopefully something better than twatter will come soon. Maybe a conservatives group who will silence libs would be grrrrreat . I know you will get the joke. Best wishes & God Bless. Keep the fight

  4. It is horrible that they continue to do this and get away with it! I for one got rid of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when they silenced the President of the United States.

    We the people have to fight back by cutting them off, and let them know this is wrong!

  5. Love you DML
    I soo miss your Walk & Talks when you wld jump in the leaves and talk to the B O tree 😂
    I also was watching the day you opened Gloria,s Letter 😪
    Please keep up the GREAT WORK u do
    JOY B 👍


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